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GayCartoonGames – The Kinkiest Sex Game Parodies

No matter how many games do developers are coming with and no matter how many original characters they will create, we will always grape for characters that were already created. I'm talking about famous character from Pop Culture who are featured in parody adult games. And that's exactly what you're going to get from GayCartoonGames, a fresh site with a very suggestive name. This site is coming with one of the most scandalous library of titles of the moment. There are many sites which can offer you parody adult games featuring your favourite characters from cartoons. But no other side has focused their entire collection on gay content. Some of them offered two or three games, but never an entire library. That's why this site is special and that's why you need to check out the games that are offered on this platform. We have taken a close look at at this fresh collection of games, and we wrote a complete review for you. Read it and then go play all these not games and did you finish them all, or until they finish you.

The Characters In The GayCartoonGames Collection

When it comes to the characters that you are going to enjoy in this naughty collection of xxx games, I must say that I am impressed. In some cases, I'm not that surprised, because characters like Batman, Robin, or the Joker have been spoofed in homoerotic content before. But you will also get lots of sexy guys from the rest of the DC Universe in these games, as well as characters from the Marvel Universe. And that's not even the kinkiest part of all. All this collection also brings your gay sex games with characters from popular American cartoons such as Family Guy, The Simpsons, Futurama, or Rick and Morty. There are even some crossover scenes and games in this collection, which are appearing characters from different shows. If you're in to hentai, you will also enjoy the characters from anime in his games, including hot boys from Dragon Ball Z, Avatar The Last Airbender, or Naruto. And we're talking only about male characters in this collection. There is no chick in these games, except from a couple of titles which are coming with gender-bending action. So, get on the site and choose the game that has your favourite characters which you always wanted to see in such naughty gay sex adventures.

Graphics and Game Physics

The graphics and the design of the characters in these games is pretty straightforward. That's because we're talking about a collection of parody games, which means that the characters have to look as much as possible as the originals. And the game collection of GayCartoonGames is acing that test. Some of the characters in this game looks so close to the original that you will start thinking they were created by the same animators who worked on the legit show. However, the quality of the games is not given only by the graphics of the characters. It's also about the way they move. This isn't just another point and click collection of Flash games. All the games in this collection are new. They were all developed using HTML5, which means a more interactive game today, with complex actions and movement. All the characters are moving perfectly. The movement seems natural, which is what gives the games that are realistic feeling. I also like the small details in the games. You can see the cops getting hard, you can see the holes getting gapped, and the fluidity of the cum makes for some excellent cumshots. All in all, this new HTML5 technology is really the next-gen of the adult gaming world.

Site Design and Functionality

From my experience both as a gamer and as a reviewer, I know that the platform on which you enjoy the online games is just as important as the games themselves. That's why I included this paragraph to tell you about the interface of the GayCartoonGames website. First of all, the browsing experience is going to help you find the right game in no time. Once you found it you have several users of teachers that are going to make your experience more pleasant. You can rate the games, you can comment on them and get in interesting chats with the community, and if something goes wrong you can flag every time so that the team behind the site can take care of any issues. This is a browser-based gaming platform, which means that all the games can be played directly on the website. You won't have to download anything and you won't have to even register to play the games. They work perfectly in any browser and on any device. However, some of the developers of the games that you will find in this collection have recommended that the games should be played in Google Chrome for the best graphic experience. Honestly, I didn't notice any difference between Chrome and other browsers, but it also might have to do with the specs of my computer and my internet connection which are on point.

Ready For The Ultimate Gay Kink

Before you go enjoy all these games for free, let me give you a couple advice. First of all, make sure that you play these games when you're home alone. Trust me, it is hard to explain to your partner why are you playing a game in which Peter Griffin is fucking Homer Simpson in the ass. Especially if you're not in a gay relationship. I know for a fact that many of the players of this game are either bisexual in straight relationships or just bi-curious. It's hard enough to explain to your partner why you are playing cartoon sex games, let alone in gay parody porn games. With that in mind, you're ready to play. All you have to do is to follow the link on our site and you're ready for fun. No matter what device you choose to play on, all these games are free and can be enjoyed without limits. Have fun!

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